Sketch Bot

Make your server even more sketchy


  • Such as saying hello
  • Post a random cat/dog/bird/duck/fox picture
  • Your standard 8ball
  • Repeat what you wrote
  • Rate anything you want it to from 0/100
  • Roll a random number between x and y
  • Delete messages in bulk
  • Calculate math problems
  • Manipulate images in fun ways
  • Fetching Animes from
  • Custom prefix and server settings
  • And much much more!
  • Here are some bonus features: - It has a leveling system with leveling roles - It has a currency system - It can play music


Live stats

[1237] servers
[390513] users
[757567] messages since last startup

[2024-05-20 13:22:26]

[74.408] messages per min

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