Sketch Bot

Make your server even more sketchy

Key Features:


Let Sketch Bot greet your guests or your new members with a warm welcome message! Sketch Bot will display the invite url that the person joined with, the server name in the welcome message and who the person is reffered by.


Sketch bot offers a leveling system which you will be able to use on all the servers that Sketch Bot are in. Everytime a member of your server "are active", meaning everytime they type in a chat room they will gain XP, if when gained enough XP that person will then level up. There is no current max level (we haven't tried to reach the maximum) but you are always welcome to try. If you are gonna spam your way up or if you are willing to stay active its your choice. View your stats with "?stats".

Music feature

Sketch Bot offers a music feature that you can use on your servers. You can play whatever song you want from youtube. Soundcloud and Spotify will be intergrated later on. Enjoy music with friends while you play. You can do all these things and much much more, you just gotta discover it yourself!

Image Manipulation

Sketch Bot can manipulate your images in several ways. One of the most used features is the ?invert command. The ?invert command inverts the colors of your image. Not only that, it can also put images in Grayscale, Sephia, increase contrast, increase saturation, blur and more!

Sketch Bot Developers



Web Developer & Co-Owner



Developer & Owner