Privacy policy

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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is written and updated on 25-11-2022 and applies to Sketch bot

What data does Sketch bot collect?

Sketch bot collects data if you enter a server with Sketch bot in it or you interact with Sketch bot

  • Sketch bot logs every command for debugging purposes
  • Userid is stored on server join or and interaction
  • Tokens amount tied to userid is stored
  • daily tokens granted (yes or no)
  • Level tied to userid is stored
  • XP amount tied to userid is stored
  • No sensitive data is ever stored by Sketch bot only those mentioned
  • Why does Sketch bot need this data?

    The only purpose for storing these specific data is to keep track of statistics so the user can check their level, tokens and xp aswell as limiting their daily token gain for once per day. These data aren't being accessed or viewed by any third party. Only the bot itself and the user that own those data.

    How does Sketch bot use the data stored?

    Sketch bot only use the data when its requested by a user or when that user gains xp by typing in a chat that Sketch bot is a member of. If leveling is disabled on the server the level and xp data wont be used. Tokens is only used when the user is gambling, giving tokens or gaining tokens either by another user or their daily token gain. The daily data is only being used to check if the user already got their daily tokens when they request it.

    Who does Sketch bot share data with?

    Sketch bot shares data with no one but the users using Sketch bot. It is possible for another user to request stats on a user but only if those two are in the same server.

    Can i contact the developers over concerns about data stored or to remove my data stored?

    YES! It is always possible to contact either Tjampen or Taoshi to get answers to concerns or to request a removal of your data. If you simply want to contact us through discord or some other service you just have to go to the home page of and look at the developer section (its at the bottom of the page). If you are not able to reach us it is always possible to join the support server for help in regards to concerns or data